An audit is the highest level of assurance available for your financial statements. It’s much more comprehensive than a review or compilation of your financial statements.

As your auditors, our responsibility is to express a third-party, objective and expert opinion on those financial statements. Audited financial statements are used by management for decision making, and they are often required by banks and investors if you are looking for financing.

Federal and provincial legislation in Canada generally requires a corporation to prepare annual financial statements for audit by qualified independent auditors. You may be exempted from the audit requirement if all shareholders agree, in writing, to waive the appointment of an auditor. The financial statements subject to audit are the responsibility of your company’s management.

We plan the audit engagement so as to obtain reasonable assurance that the financial statements are free of material misstatement. Through the study and evaluation of your company’s system of internal control, and by inspection of documents, observation of assets, making of enquires within and outside your company, and by other generally accepted auditing procedures, we gather the evidence necessary to determine whether your financial statements present a fair picture of your company’s financial position and its activities during the period being audited.

We value efficiency and bring our own workflow to the audit process, but we also pay careful attention to your unique situation and work to be as attentive to your needs as possible.