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What do restaurants and accountants have in common?
Once you find a good one, you keep on going back.

Everything on Turner Moore’s menu of accounting services for restaurant owners has been built on decades of experience serving this dynamic sector in communities across Ontario. Our not-so-secret ingredient is a strong team dedicated to the restaurant industry, with expertise in transaction services, strategic business planning, valuation services, private equity consulting, and internal control development.

Anyone operating in the industry knows the many risks and rewards of hospitality, and the total commitment required to be successful. Faced with thin margins, capital-intensive start-up and expansion costs, stiff and ever-changing competition, and ‘always-on’ time demands, you have enough to worry about while making your passion a reality. You need back up. Actually, you need an accounting service team.

Let’s Connect
Turner Moore : Restaurants

From Left to Right: Vishwa V Sharma, CPA, CGA, LPA, Khatidja Dandach, CPA, CGA

Let us tell you about our specials. (ok, specialties … )  Services to help you navigate the financial complexity of restaurant operations:

  • Point-of-sale
  • Leases
  • Fixtures
  • Security
  • Food and beverage inventory controls
  • promotional costs
  • Contractors
  • … and everything else that needs to happen from open to close every day.

Whether your restaurant is serving designer poutine, the best fried chicken in the county, or seven-course culinary adventures with wine pairing, you can count on the technical and advisory expertise, industry know-how, and value that lives just down the street at your local Turner Moore office.

Drop by anytime to say hello — or, tell us where we should go eat, and we’ll meet you at your place.

Turner Moore. We’ve got you.