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Most of the time, you know why your customer is asking for a brand name drug instead of a generic product.

Both are, of course, extensively tested and safe for use, but it’s often the small differences that push a customer in one direction or the other. Like you, your accounting partner should be doing everything in their power to ensure they are dispensing exactly what is needed to optimize and maintain the health of your business — the right product, the right amount of that product, as well as clear direction on what to do and what to expect. Most important, a good accounting partner should keep you away from unwanted side effects that hold your business back. In other words, no refills, unless you need them.

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Pharmacy Turner Moore

We’re probably not wrong to say you’d probably like to be spending more time taking care of your loyal customers at the dispensing counter than locked away in the back room navigating financial statements. You can make that change today by reaching out to, or visiting your local Turner Moore office.

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