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Alan Hogan, CPA, CGA

Turner Moore LLP

Alan Hogan Turner Moore Whitby

75 Baldwin Street, Whitby (Brooklin) L1M 1A3
Tel: (905) 655-8556
Fax: (905) 655-4553

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Like all accountants, I like to keep things on track. My career track started in the early 90s as a general accountant with mid-sized companies with the next and final stop in the corporate world in the role of Controller. I switched over to public practice in 1992 and, after receiving my Certified General Accountant designation in 1993, set up shop in Scarborough. To change things up for the new millennium, I headed further east, taking my practice and family to Whitby (Brooklin).

Keeping things on track also applies to my collection of model trains — built with hundreds of precision-engineered components and powered by sophisticated control systems that keep everything running smoothly. Now that I think of it, pretty much everything I do involves precision craftmanship and oversight — building my own furniture (using ‘bird’s eye’ maple, so even they can monitor my work!), cultivating my garden, and professionally, fulfilling duties as Director Of Public Practice on the Certified General Accountants Durham Chapter Board Of Directors.

Now comes the blood, sweat and tears part. I am a regular blood donor. I coach and sponsor local sports teams — where people other than me are usually working up a sweat. OK … maybe actual tears are a bit extreme, but I am a proud member of the “100 Movement”, which has 83 chapters across North America, including 100 Men Of Oshawa (most of the organizations are 100 Women … ) and hosts local charities to compete 4x/year for critical funding — this can get emotional, for all the right reasons.

No matter what kind of accounting services you need — business or personal — or where your journey is taking you, there’s a comfortable seat for you here on the ‘Turner Moore Express’. No first class car, though. Everyone gets the same personalized service and expertise.

Welcome aboard.

Let’s connect. We look forward to hearing from you.