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Brian Moore, FCPA, FCGA, LPA

Turner Moore LLP

Brian Moore Turner Moore Accountants Sarnia

168 Main Street, Unit 3, West Lorne, N0L 2P0
Tel: (519) 768-2027
Fax: (519) 768-1620

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As a person, I always look for the silver lining in situations — and I almost always find it.

As an accountant, this helps me see opportunities that might not be visible right away. And the only thing more satisfying than unearthing a better financial strategy is telling my clients the news.

Oh. And I’m a really nice guy.

Like a lot of accountants, it took me forever to get comfortable with the constant human interaction our business demands. All through high school and on to my early positions with the ‘big firms’, I would rather count ceiling tiles than engage socially. It wasn’t until I broke out on my own in 1987 that I started putting myself out there and putting the ‘P’ in public accounting.

I’ve never looked back, putting myself in the professional spotlight in front of large groups regularly and never shying away from a good chat with my clients and members of my local community, including organizations like the Sarnia Historical Society.

Now, and since 1994 when I locked rail cars with Paul Turner and started the growth of an Ontario-wide network of accounting practices (22 at last count), I am able to bring expertise to any client that needs support. This goes beyond accounting and taxation services, because every number on your books goes deep into your business. As our clients succeed, so do we.

Having held the positions of Governor, Committee Member and Practice Inspector at CGA Ontario, I’ve thought about buying shares in the association, but, for good reason, they don’t offer that.

Fun Fact #1: In 2009, I was awarded the Fellowship designation (FCGA) for contributions to my profession. Please. Hold your applause (at least until I meet you … ).

Fun Fact #2: I have an embarrassingly large stash of single malt scotch, which traces back to my lifelong obsession with, and many visits to, Scotland, the eternal home of golf.

Wrapping up, and probably because I’ve been around farms and agribusinesses all my life, I’m a passionate gardener and turned the patch of dirt that was my backyard into a beautiful, thriving sanctuary that grows and changes every season.

What can I do to improve your financial landscape?

Let’s connect. We look forward to hearing from you.