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Paul D’Anna, CPA, CGA

Turner Moore LLP

Paul D'Anna Turner Moore Mississauga

21A-3045 Southcreek Road Mississauga  L4X 2X6
Tel: (905) 629-9099
Fax: (416) 352-7600

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Everything about DNA fascinates me — and it bears an uncanny resemblance to my family name, which is convenient. Like accounting, DNA is made up of a myriad of moving parts that form unique chains that coil around each other and determine how an organism will develop, grow, and function. Organisms like you, like me, and like any business. No two are ever alike; every single one is unique and special in it’s own way.

As part of a life-long experiment, I’ve probably ingested enough weapons-grade chili peppers to change my DNA permanently. The DNA sequence for a favourite chili pepper of mine, the Habanero, is KHP-005.  Technically, you can put a numeric value to anything. And I do exactly that every day for my clients. Technically, you can put a numeric value to anything, which is exactly what I do for my clients every day.

Today’s business environment has its own DNA — complex, competitive and aggressive. And, like genetic research, you need special skills, tools, diverse knowledge and expertise to get things right. Together with Turner Moore’s network of seasoned partners and dedicated staff, we can put our arms around the most challenging accounting, taxation, general business consulting and financial management assignments.

Even if you aren’t blessed with the best ‘genes’ yourself, you definitely want to have them on paper. CRA may support “you be you” most days, but as the great equalizer, they are definitely more about “you be compliant”.

Wherever you are in the GTA, and whatever your DNA, this CPA is ready for you. Or, if you prefer, we make house calls (no DNA test required).

Let’s connect. We look forward to hearing from you.