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We hate to admit this, but if there is anyone that works as hard as accountants, it has to be lawyers.

But that’s not all we have in common. There’s our roots in Ancient Rome, where tax collection began and the first laws governing taxation came into effect. And usage rights for LLP … that definitely makes us cousins.

And what about the many similarities between legal and accounting practices? Advising and representing local business owners. Industry and practice specializations. Regulatory compliance. Building and maintaining your firm’s valuation. Recruiting top talent. And, oh yes, the importance of experience and reputation to our professions.

So. Respect.

Let’s Connect

Now. One reason we envy lawyers: the due diligence you do for your clients gets done once, and then it’s over. Ours, for all the right reasons, never ends. That’s because at Turner Moore “All Rise” means something different than to stand with respect — it is our singular objective for all of our clients.

But you be the judge. Bring us your books, and we’ll show you the TM+ difference (just don’t throw the book(s) at us, please … ).

Turner Moore. We’ve got you.