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T. A. (Tim) O’Brien, BBE, CPA, CGA, CFP

Turner Moore LLP

266 Welland Avenue St Catharines  L2R 2P8
Tel: (905) 682-TAXX (8299)
Toll free: 1-877-682-8299
Fax: (905) 687-9741

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When I first heard someone say that an overnight success takes 15 years a smile crossed my face as I realized I’d actually proven this to be true with my own story. As I look back on close to 30 years helping clients plan, create and grow their lives and businesses, I’m glad I’ve kept it always about the journey and not just the destination.

As a kid, the idea of setting off into the unknown always motivated me. My tectonic shift took place in 1991 after 4 years of marriage and our first of three daughters when my wife Darlene and I agreed it was time for me to break away from the big machines and climb onto the tightrope of running my own practice. I truly wanted to create something worthy of a positive client experience.

Failure was never an option and it was a long taxi down the runway but I was intent on providing wholistic services to our clients. By 1995 Darlene had joined the office and we commenced an investment and insurance brokerage providing entrepreneurs and their families a unique ability to enhance and enjoy their net worth. Packaged as The “Net Worth” CoachTM and based on the same principles of integrity and commitment that drive every interaction we have with our clients, we’re here now, and for the future.

Since 2003 TurnerMoore has been an integral part of our practice which has afforded me yet another unique perspective to my professional life and the client experience.

Although I love what I do, my real passion is and always will be my kids — witness hundreds of kids’ hand scribbled “appointments” for music, dance, team sport and school events in all of the day timers I’ve kept over the years.

In 2018 I joined our local Council of the Knights of Columbus, where I have been in awe of, and part of, the massive charitable contribution this organization makes. Further, I joined two church choirs in which I sing Baritone – One English. One Latin. One word: Elated.

A rolling stone gathers no moss. Neither do I, but one thing is for certain … I look forward to meeting you.


T. A. O’Brien, BBE, CPA, CGA, CFP®

Let’s connect. We look forward to hearing from you.