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If you’ve been managing any business connected to automotive retail in the past decade or longer, you probably need a stiff drink or a really big hug, or both.

You’ve weathered at least one recession, endured massive industry restructuring including dealer consolidation, navigated consumers turning away from cars to SUVs and trucks in record numbers, online vehicle sales (affecting bricks & mortar dealerships), the emergence of electric and hybrid vehicles, and the list goes on.

To maintain profitability and your competitive edge in this fast-moving, complex transactional environment, you should consider the right mix of taxation, accounting and advisory service as your best friends.

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Turner Moore Ontario Accountants

The Turner Moore team learned this a long time ago as we’ve moved in lockstep with local and regional dealerships across Ontario and helped them achieve sustainable growth.

Our current client list includes more than 50 retail automotive businesses just like yours including automotive dealerships, parts outlets, and repair centres and maintenance companies.

To provide you with excellent service, we don’t need the actual keys to the car … just the fob … we can load everything up electronically.