ON – Province posts information on alternate service delivery options during postal strike

The government of Ontario has posted detailed information on its Web site at http://www.mgs.gov.on.ca/en/Spotlight/STDPROD_086438.html?utm_source=OntarioCA&utm_medium=adbanner&utm_campaign=BigBox%2Bpostal%2Bstrike, outlining how government services (including the issuance of cheques by the provincial government) will be handled during the postal strike, and how taxpayers may continue to fulfill their tax filing and payment obligations.

Some federally administered benefits will continue to be delivered during the strike. In other cases, recipients can call the particular provincial government office to find out how to obtain their payments. Telephone numbers for those offices are listed.

The provincial government release also deals with issues relating to the expiry of health cards and driver’s licences during the strike.

Tax payments can be made at financial institutions or over the Internet and payments and filings can be made at any Ontario Tax Office. The Web site provides a link to a listing of those offices.



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