ON – Province issues second instalment of sales tax transition benefit

Taxpayers in Ontario who are eligible for the provincial sales tax transition benefit should now be receiving the second instalment of that benefit, which was issued on December 10, 2010.

In order to be eligible for the December benefit payment, taxpayers must have filed a 2009 income tax return and must have been resident in the province on November 30, 2010. The maximum benefit is $300 for single taxpayers and $1,000 for families, with benefit payments of one-third of those amounts made in each of June 2010, December 2010, and June 2011.

More information on the benefit, including the phase-out where individual family income exceeds the threshold amounts of $80,000 (for single taxpayers) or $160,000 (for families, including single-parent families), can be found on the Ontario Ministry of Revenue Web site at http://www.rev.gov.on.ca/en/credit/sttb/index.html.


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