ON – Online access for business tax accounts

The province of Ontario provides businesses with online access to their business tax accounts through its ONTS-TAX service. Using that service, businesses can:

  • File tax returns
  • Make tax payments
  • View up to four years of account history
  • Update account information
  • Request a refund for overpayment of tax
  • View PDF copies of most correspondence issued to your business from the ministry
  • Communicate electronically with the ministry in a secure environment

In addition to income tax matters, ONT-TAXS now provides full online functionality for fuel tax, gasoline tax, and tobacco tax clients. More information on ONTS-TAX, including how to register and obtain an online ID and password, can be found on the Ontario Ministry of Revenue Web site at http://www.rev.gov.on.ca/en/services/onttaxs/index.html.


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