ON–Province introduces Northern Ontario energy credit

As part of the 2010-11 provincial budget, the government of Ontario announced the creation of a new, permanent energy credit for residents of Northern Ontario.

Northern residents who pay rent or property tax for their principal residence would be eligible for an annual credit of up to $130 for a single person and up to $200 for a family (including single parents). The amount of the credit will be tied to income, meaning that the credit would be reduced for a single person with adjusted net income over $35,000 and eliminated when income exceeds $48,000, and reduced for families with adjusted family net income over $45,000 and eliminated when income exceeds $65,000.

Details of the new credit, including payment times and methods, can be found in the Ontario budget Information Notice, available on the Ontario Finance Web site at http://www.rev.gov.on.ca/en/notices/itrp/pdf/0110.pdf.


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