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We have ALWAYS been in this together

COVID-19 has hit all sectors of Canada’s economy and all Canadians hard. At Turner Moore, our seasoned team is on the front lines with all of our clients and often the first ones they call — as it should be. There is no playbook for navigating a pandemic, so our role as trusted advisors has never been more critical. Right now, the math is the easy part. It’s coming up with viable and creative solutions for our clients that is taking the most heavy lifting. Goal posts keep shifting. Rules keep changing. One door closes and another one swings open. Looking back on past economic downturns, and to the impact of COVID-19 on our neighbours to the south, it will take some time for all sectors in Canada to fire on all cylinders again — all this while we adapt to a “new normal” to prevent a situation where we are taking one step forward and two steps back.


OK. So you’re probably thinking, “I kinda know all this … I’m living it.”. That’s fair. Just know that no matter where you are in Ontario, what you do, and what your situation is, a member of the Turner Moore team is a call or email away and available for you. We’re staying on top of all the moving parts of this pandemic, in our local communities, provincially, nationally and how it is impacting financial markets. Chances are, we’ll see opportunities and options that will make you calmer, give you hope and line of sight to better times, and keep you resilient as we all move through this together.

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