Federal individual tax credits for 2011

Dollar amounts on which individual non-refundable federal tax credits for 2011 are based, and the actual tax credit claimable, are as follows:


Credit amount                        Tax credit

Basic personal amount                                          10,527                               1,579


Spouse or common-law partner

amount                                                               10,527*                             1,579


Child amount                                                           2,131                                320


Eligible dependant amount                                    10,527*                               1,579


Age amount                                                           6,537                                   981

Net income threshold for

erosion of credit                                                  32,961

Infirm dependant amount (over 18)                          4,282                                    642

Net income threshold for                                        6,076

erosion of credit

Caregiver amount                                                   4,282                                         642


Net income threshold for                                         14,624

erosion of credit


Disability amount                                                    7,341                                      1,101


Adoption expenses credit                                      11,128                                    1,669



Medical expense tax credit

threshold amount                                                 2,052


Maximum refundable medical

expense supplement                                          1,089


Old Age Security clawback

Income threshold                                              67,668


*The spousal and eligible dependant amounts are reduced by any net income for the year of the spouse or eligible dependant.


Credit amounts are converted to a non-refundable credit by multiplying the amount by the federal rate applicable to the lowest income bracket, which is 15.0% for 2011.


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