CRA issues warning with respect to new fraudulent e-mail

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has issued a warning to taxpayers with respect to a new fraudulent e-mail currently circulating and purporting to be from the CRA. The e-mail advises the recipient that an investigation of the taxpayer’s company’s “tax reports” has disclosed several discrepancies and asks the taxpayer to complete a new tax form with additional fields. The fraudulent tax form is attached to the e-mail or can be downloaded from what is represented as being the CRA Web site, but is not.

The CRA warning reminds taxpayers that:

  • the CRA will not request personal information of any kind from a taxpayer by email,
  • the CRA will not divulge taxpayer information to another person unless formal authorization is provided by the taxpayer, and
  • the CRA will not leave any personal information on an answering machine.

A sample of the fraudulent e-mail can be found on the CRA Web site at



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