• ON – New HST Information Issued for Homebuyers and Housing Industry

    The Ontario Ministry of Revenue has published more information on the application of the proposed harmonized sales tax to the homebuilding industry. Sales Tax Information Notice No. 4, which is available on the Ministry’s Web site at, provides more details of the new housing rebate and the new rental housing rebate that were announced in […]

  • ON – Province Issues Updated Guide to Employer Health Tax

    Employers in the province of Ontario are obligated to remit a payroll tax (Employer Health Tax, or EHT) of 1.95% on total annual remuneration over $400,000. The Ontario Ministry of Revenue has issued an updated version of its Guide for Employers for the Employer Health Tax Guide. The updated Guide, which is available on the […]

  • ON – CRA issues updated Q&A document on transition to HST

    The Canada Revenue Agency has issued an updated version of its Q&A document outlining transitional measures relating to the implementation of the harmonized sales tax which will take effect in Ontario on July 1, 2010. The Q&A document, which supersedes the earlier version issued in October 2009, deals with a variety of transitional measures, including […]

  • ON – Province Proposes Pension Reform Measures

    The province of Ontario has announced a number of measures to reform employment pensions in the province. The measures, which will affect both plan members and pensioners, as well as plan sponsors, include provisions for immediate vesting, improved access to information by pensioners, the elimination of partial wind-ups, and allowing the amendment of plan rules […]

  • ON – Updated Bulletin Issued for Co-Operative Education Tax Credit

    The province of Ontario provides a tax credit to employers who hire students enrolled in post-secondary co-operative education programs. The provincial Ministry of Revenue recently issued an updated version of Information Bulletin 4014, which provides details of that credit, including changes in tax credit rates that took effect after March 26, 2009. The updated Bulletin can […]

  • ON – Province Issues Information Re: Invoicing for Harmonized Sales Tax

    Beginning in July 2010, Ontario businesses will be required to include the new harmonized sales tax when preparing invoices. The Ontario Ministry of Finance has issued a “Tax Tip” outlining the invoicing practices that will be required as of July 1, and that information can be found on the Ministry Web site at

  • ON – New Bulletin Issued on Senior Homeowners’ Property Tax Grant

    The Ontario Ministry of Revenue has issued a new bulletin on the provincial Senior Homeowners’ Property Tax Grant. The grant, for which an application must be made on the homeowner’s tax return for the previous year, is increased for 2010 from $250 to $500. The new bulletin and more information on the grant can be […]

  • ON–Province Issues Bulletin on New Sales Tax Transition Benefit

    As part of its implementation of the new harmonized sales tax on July 1, 2010, the province of Ontario will be providing a sales tax transition benefit to some Ontario residents. The non-taxable benefit will be available generally to single taxpayers who have income under $80,000 and single parents or couples who have income under […]

  • ON–Budget proposes energy and property tax credit

    A proposal announced in the recent Ontario budget will see the current Ontario Property Tax Credit converted, for the 2010 and subsequent tax years, to the Ontario Energy and Property Tax Credit. In the first year of implementation, the credit would be paid after taxpayers file their 2010 tax returns in 2011. Thereafter, the credit […]

  • ON–Province introduces Northern Ontario energy credit

    As part of the 2010-11 provincial budget, the government of Ontario announced the creation of a new, permanent energy credit for residents of Northern Ontario. Northern residents who pay rent or property tax for their principal residence would be eligible for an annual credit of up to $130 for a single person and up to […]

  • ON – Online access for business tax accounts

    The province of Ontario provides businesses with online access to their business tax accounts through its ONTS-TAX service. Using that service, businesses can: File tax returns Make tax payments View up to four years of account history Update account information Request a refund for overpayment of tax View PDF copies of most correspondence issued to […]