Our Services


Accurate record-keeping is an important part of operating your own business.  But we know how little time you have to get this done properly.  Bring your bookeeping to us and free up time for yourself to focus on what really matters – making money!

We can perform any type of service that you need.  Here is a list of the variations that we provide and the specific services involved:

  • On-site bookkeeping: if it is more convenient for us to come to you, please let us know.
  • Monthly bookkeeping: drop off your records at our office and we’ll look after the rest.
  • Quarterly review: if you do your own bookkeeping, we can review your records and make adjustments to correct posting errors.
  • HST preparation: if we do your bookkeeping monthly, this gets done automatically.  If you prepare your own books, we can review them and prepare your remittance.
  • Payroll and WSIB: just call in the hours and we’ll calculate your employees’ net pay, track their vacation pay, calculate statutory holiday pay and premium pay, and prepare your monthly source deduction remittance.  We can also prepare the ROE, WSIB remittances, and T4 slips. 


Our yearend services include the preparation of financial statements and the corporate income tax return.  For the corporate owner-manager, we combine personal tax planning with corporate tax planning to ensure you are saving as much tax as possible.  We also provide you with feedback so that you can make decisions on how to be more profitable. 

Personal income tax

We work hard at keeping current with the latest credits and tax law changes.  Several credits exist that many are not aware of.  Once we know your particular situation, we can let you know what tax savings may be available for you.  We most commonly deal with tax returns that involve: capital gains/losses on disposal of investments or property, business statements, rental statements, employment expenses, basic to complex investments, and returns for deceased individuals.  Of course we always welcome those that maintain a more simplified financial life as well!